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2009. 12. 9. 05:38

After last posting, I observed myself closely. Here is how I did. I installed XNote Timer, which is a tiny free timer. I set the time for 20 min. Whenever I change my task, I start the timer. The goal is focusing on one task for 20 min.

Most of the time, the task is important one. Working on presentation or briefing cases. Still, I feel anxiety of multi-tasking. E-mail arrives at blackberry. Suddenly I remember important message to my team member. I wonder if anybody commented on my Facebook post.

On the first day, it was terrible. In 2o min, as I was listening a con-call, I worked on a presentation, responded to two e-mails, sent an instant message to my team member, and checked Facebook one time. Really I don’t know how to focus.

There are two reasons. First reason is my “habit.” I just do not have a habit of focusing. On other hand, I have habit of multi-tasking. I need to fix this habit. Second reason is my “desire” to do something else. Basically work and study are not fun. You need to ‘work’ hard to keep focus. Without good ‘habit’ of focusing, keeping focus on work or study is really hard. I realized that multi-tasking is a mere excuse for getting away from what I am doing – the thing I am supposed to do.

As time goes, it gets better. Not quite there yet, but making progress definitely. I need to remember the routine and make itself as a habit. The routing is “set timer” – “start work/study” – “keep focus until end of time or work done” – “give small reward to myself.” Once it is settled down, I can increase the time to 30 min.

I know that I can fix my habit. Just it takes time.

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