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2012. 3. 4. 14:52

From time to time, you are stuck in a situation that you never wanted. Your boss told you that your end of year review will be bad. You got suspended from your school. You could not prepare a term paper when it is due tomorrow. Or you got a notice from the collection office because someone you co-signed did not pay her loan. No one ever wants to be in this kind of situation. But still it happens. So what you are gonna do?

So what?

The goal is to get out of the situation, of course. But is that it? You may get help from someone, or from God. (People will call it ‘luck’ or ‘blessing’ depending on their belief. I am the latter, btw.) You may find a way to get out by yourself. The problem may disappear suddenly. Or in many cases, you live with the consequences.

But is that it? Shouldn’t be. If you just want to get out of the situation and make the experience a piece of memory as you do, there is no improvement. There should be better way to deal with it.

Now what?

First, deal with it with everything you have. You never know what’s going to happen when you throw all of you as if your life depends on it. Do the best. Don’t leave any excuse.

Second, put your effort on the best bang for the buck. To make the best out of your effort, you need to find out what area will make the best outcome. There must be one or two. Focus on the areas. You don’t have much time.

Third, learn from it. Analyze why you got there. What could prevent the situation? Who caused the trouble? Don’t skim through. Go deep. Go to the root cause. But remember. It is not for finger-pointing. All thoughts should end up with these questions. “What could YOU do to prevent it? What could YOU do to make a better outcome?” It is all about you, not someone else.