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2011. 4. 6. 03:04

Behind of my new place, there is a bikeway which is perfect for walking, running, or biking.  I used to go to YMCA for exercise. With 20 min driving, 45 min exercise and shower, it took 1.5 hours minimum. Here I can run for just 30 min because running outside for 30 min is harder than fast walking on treadmill for 45 min. Including shower, it takes less than an hour. The only drawback is I can't watch drama when I run outside :)


This afternoon, it was raining. I hesitated a little bit, but said to myself "whatever." After running for a while, I was soaked by water mixed with sweat, and I felt great. Right. This is the way it should be. Run and run ... until you get there. You don't worry when you run. If you stop, worry starts.


Now I am liking running more and more. I imagine myself running through Boston marathon in 5 years ;) 


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