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2009. 11. 21. 15:20
Every life-changing decision makes you wonder. Am I right? Did I make a good decision? Wouldn't it be better if I stayed on the previous course?

It is natural to have that question. Who wouldn't? You made a big step. The change was enormous. Your day is not same as before. You are in a different world. You may need to double your effort to keep up with everything. But still there is no 100% guarantee for success. You wish the best, or at least better than now. But who knows? 

At the same time, your friend looks doing fine. The colleagues you worked with are enjoying tangible outcome, when you are investing for your future. You ask yourself everyday. Am I on right track?

The problem is ... you don't know the answer. Nobody knows whether you made right decision or not until you get there. You are thrown up in the air without knowing where you would land. Sometimes you make the decision. Sometimes you are forced to do.

Time to time, you hear the story about someone becoming successful by making big jump. The story gives you hope. But time to time, you hear the story about someone who made breakthrough by sticking to her course. The story makes you confused.

But what can you do? Decision was already made. You are lucky if you made the decision.

When you wonder about your future, stay calm; look inside your heart; and ask yourself. Are you wondering because you are afraid? Are you wondering because you are tired? Are you wondering because you don't want to pay the cost?

Most of the time, you would answer with 'yes' to one of the questions. Then, ask one more question. Do you believe that you made a right decision? If you can answer with 'yes' to this question, you are lucky. You are on an adventure. You separated yourself from the pack of people who can't challenge their status quo. You were just tired. That's all.

Get some rest and move forward! Don't stop! You are on right track! Don't waste your time and energy with looking back!

Good luck with your journey :)

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