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2010. 3. 15. 23:49

This morning I drove into a big puddle. I was giving a ride to my daughter to her school. The car stopped in the middle, got towed to a garage.

As I reflect the incidents, there are so many 'if's. If I knew that I should drive very slowly in puddle... if my wife brought her cell phone so that I could ask alternative way... if my son did not ask to send his missing homework file that gave me a mental rush... if I had bought hair spray last night so that my wife did not go to a store this morning and gave ride to my daughter as usual...

But the biggest 'IF' is 'if I didn't make the stupid decision to drive through the puddle.'

I had to push the car out of puddle. I had to ask an unknown lady who wisely turning around to take my daughter to her school. I had to call AAA to tow my car to a garage. I had to pay extra miles for towing because the membership is basic. I will have to pay repair cost. I had to hear complaint and probably more to come from my wife which I deserve. My family will have inconvenience because there is only one car.

For all the issues, I have many excuses. There are so many 'if's. But I know that I don't have any viable excuse, because I made the biggest 'IF.' I accept that it was me who caused this mess.

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BlogIcon 유정식 | 2010.03.16 10:24 신고 | PERMALINK | EDIT/DEL | REPLY
Your accident had so many 'if-chain'! I thought of the Slippery Floor Effect while I read this post. you don't need to blame yourself, that kind of accident is just a mistake. ^^
BlogIcon 쉐아르 | 2010.03.22 23:54 신고 | PERMALINK | EDIT/DEL
Thanks. But I thought that I had to abandon the car and had to buy a new one. It gave me unexpected pressure in terms of money and time, which I couldn't take it easily. Fortunately, the car was repairable. It is being fixed now.
BlogIcon 청천남아 | 2010.03.27 00:20 | PERMALINK | EDIT/DEL | REPLY
무슨 일 있죠~ ㅎㅎ
아마도 GTD에 관심이 많아진 사람이 많나봅니다. 우선 저부터 가본 블로그나 카페를 하루에도 수차례 방문하거든요.

뭐 눈에는 뭐가 보인다고 처음은 몰랐는데 아이폰 어플과 관련해서도 GTD를 알게된 사람들이 많아서 그런 것도 같아요.

여하튼 좋은 일 아닌가요? ^^ 전 부러운데요. 저두 슬슬 포스팅 좀 해야겠네요. 호스팅 없어지고 다시 하려니 의욕이 안 나서 미칠 지경입니다.

여하튼 축하드립니다. 근에 통계를 보니 정말 뭔가 이상하긴 하네요. 순간 10배라니. ㅎㅎ
BlogIcon 쉐아르 | 2010.04.16 23:15 신고 | PERMALINK | EDIT/DEL
안녕하세요. 이 글 남기셨을 때 블로그에 가보고 이제 새로 시작하시는 것 보면서 잘 하시라 응원메시지 남기려다 잊어버렸는데... 벌써 시간이 꽤나 지났네요. 저도 이제 다시 블로깅을 시작해야겠습니다 ^^
BlogIcon Catherine | 2010.07.23 05:37 | PERMALINK | EDIT/DEL | REPLY
"more complaints to come from my wife...which I deserve" You are a very funny man. :) I hope you got your car fixed at a reasonable price at least. I understand what you mean about going through school here. I came to Canada with my family when I was 16 and studied Philosophy in University of Toronto. Being engaged in academic endeavors will improve your English in ways you couldn't possibly by just working and living in North America. Best of luck to you!
BlogIcon 쉐아르 | 2010.08.23 09:17 신고 | PERMALINK | EDIT/DEL
Catherine, sorry for late response. I have been slacking after last final exam and just wasting my time for not-so-important things.

Fortunately, my insurance company covered the case. Still I spent some money ($500 deductible), but it was a good relief because I had to replace engine and many other parts.

Thanks for wishing me good luck. I wish same to you.